Eligibility Criteria and Rubric

Employees and employee teams are eligible for nomination by an employee or by self-nomination. Employee teams may include community partners or other external individuals.   View Scoring Rubric PDF.

Criteria No. 1:  Quality – It is evident that the innovation increases “quality” in the course, program, office, or institution.

Criteria No. 2:  Efficiency  – There is evidence that the innovation contributes to a more efficient way of doing things.

Criteria No. 3:  Cost Effectiveness – There is evidence that the innovation adds a value to the institution while at the same time containing or reducing costs.

Criteria:  No. 4: Creativity – The innovation should be as original as possible or the adaptation should be creative.

Criteria No. 5:  Timeliness – The innovation should not be more than five years old in the institution, but it must have been around long enough to be tested so that it meets most of the criteria.

Criteria No. 6:  Learning – The results of the innovation have been shared with others for the benefit of BCC students

Criteria No. 7: Collaboration – The innovation successfully demonstrates collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation to ensure continuous process improvement efforts on behalf of BCC students.