Submission Information

Step 1

Submit your innovation online.

Step 2

The Innovations Awards Team, which will be composed of administrators, faculty and staff, will read the applications and select a winning entry using a rubric based on the criteria stated above.

Step 3

After the winning entry will be announced in January, the winners will be invited to submit the entry for presentation at the Innovations Conference sponsored by the League of Innovation in the Community Colleges or a similar conference.

Innovation Submission Requirements:
The Innovation Submission should include, (1) the Innovation Description and (2) a digital photo of the Innovation team.

Innovation Description –  The entire Innovation Description cannot exceed three (3) pages, in total (including any supplementary material). Submit the Innovation as an electronic file. The Innovation Description should include the following:

  • Title of the innovation, name(s) and title(s) of team member(s).
  • A paragraph entitled Executive Summary, that briefly describes the innovation (not-to-exceed 50 words).
  • A descriptive overview of the innovation, relating how the innovation addresses program criteria.

Innovation Team Digital Photo – The winning innovation team will be required to submit electronically one color digital photo of the individual or team who created the innovation.