2016-2017 Nominees

  • Paired Course In-Class Dedicated Tutoring
  • Introducing Contextualized Health Professions Careers into ESL Speech Class
  • Health Professions Integrated Teaching Center – Innovations for Developing Next Generation Health Professionals
  • Assessment Fellows
  • STEM Student Research: How to reach academic success through engagement
  • The Bergen Cafe Project: From a Cafeteria to a Cafe
  • Tactile Assistant for Graphing Education in Developmental Mathematics


Winner:  Paired Course In-Class Dedicated Tutoring

The CLAC tutors provide in-class support for a variety of classes across the college including an innovative academic model which pairs English as a Second Language (ESL) classes with Introductory Psychology courses. The goal of these “paired courses” is to expose students to college level content while supporting their development in English reading and writing. Students apply reading comprehension and written forms (e.g., cause and effect, argumentation, compare and contrast) as they address the topics covered in class.

Team Members: Prof. Mina Ahn, Prof. Maria Kasporova, and John Findura