IT Initiatives


In the ever changing world of technology, the IT Department is an integral part of Student Success here at Bergen Community College. Quite often our initiatives occur behind the scenes however, there are many achievements that are very up front and visible to all in our quest to keep up with the latest trends. Whether behind-the-scenes or public facing, our goal is to provide solutions that benefit the BCC community, while providing a secure foundation on which members conduct their academic lives.  Please take a moment to learn more about what our most recent accomplishments have been, what’s coming and how they benefit our students.

Computer Life Cycle Project

In early 2014, the IT Department conducted a comprehensive analysis of our hardware across all three locations. The following summer, we life-cycled approximately 1,200 computers and laptops.  With classes being offered here at Bergen almost year round, it is a massive undertaking to gain access to classrooms and offices requiring the invaluable teamwork of the Scheduling Department to prevent the disruption of classes. 

Service Now Ticketing System

IT redesigned how it provides technical support to faculty, staff, administration and students by optimizing our help desk call-in menu system, and upgrading the help desk ticketing software application, .

Help Desk Relocation

Our help desk was relocated next to Public Safety, where every new student must go for their student ID and parking pass. This relocation directed the help desk traffic away from the administrative wing and allows for ease of access. 

Netwrix Self-Service Password Manager

The number one call or visit to the help desk is for a password reset.  We installed Netwrix which enables everyone to reset a forgotten password when trying to access  Simply click on – forgot my password – to begin the password reset process.

One Stop & QNOMY

IT worked with Registration to re-imagine and improve the student registration process by centralizing services, renovating customer counters, and installing a queue management (QNOMY) system to stream-line the registration process. This allows for a “one-stop shopping” experience for all our students here at Bergen.

Floor Signs

Who looks down? Just about everyone reading their smart phone does! In an effort to make navigating the halls of Pitkin a bit easier, we installed floor signs providing direction to major services on campus.

Internet Bandwidth

Colleges today deal with a growing number of wireless devices on their campuses and BCC is no exception. Wireless access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for faculty and students. IT has been actively engaged in bringing enhanced wireless coverage to the College. From an access perspective, we have embarked on a program to add wireless access points throughout school to provide wireless network coverage and will continue to evaluate and grow.

Cisco Show-and-Share

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, the College moved its class lecture capture system to Cisco Show and Share and expanded capture capabilities to seven additional classrooms.  The recorded lectures can be made available to students to view when they need and as many times as they want providing increased opportunities for learning and collaboration.

Smart Room Development

One of the requests that we hear over and over again from faculty is to make ALL classrooms smart.  In the summer of 2014 we were able to successfully convert 11 classrooms. 6 additional smart classrooms were added at our Lyndhurst location to accommodate increasing enrollment there. 

Call Center & Call Menu System

IT worked with Student Services to relocate the call center to Lyndhurst and create a central answering command center. Callers to Bergen Community College’s main number now receive simple, easy to follow routing choices and access to live attendants.

Paramedic Science Program at Lyndhurst

IT worked closely with the director of the program, Jennifer McCarthy, to design a modern classroom/lab space that will house the program. IT also provided technical input to the engineering firm creating the architectural drawings and provided guidance on current infrastructure and program needs.

Health Professions Building

We are in the process of planning new smart technology for the Health Professions buildings.  The classrooms will have touch-screen and BYOD mirroring capabilities to greatly enhance the learning experience.

Micros POS

IT Infrastructure Services assisted the professors in Hospitality Professions with the installation of a Point of Sale, (POS) system to teach students modern restaurant operations. We worked closely in designing the network layout and project management of the associated trades to build out the infrastructure to support the system.

SGA Welcome Center

The addition of a new monitor in the Student Center will enable Bergen Community College students to stay out of the elements and view the New Jersey Transit bus schedule for arrivals and departures.

Cerullo Learning Center

Interactive touch-screen technology is currently in the planning phase. Once implemented, this technology will enable math tutors and students to write and solve equations etc and save notes as files.