BCC Sustainability

“Fulfillment happens not in retreat from the world, but in advance–and profound engagement.”

BCC Sustainability

Bergen Community College is committed to policies and logistics that balance human health, economic viability, and ecosystem stability. The campus is both a laboratory and a classroom, creating an environment where students can get involved with the learning process of sustainability through “hands-on projects” happening around campus. Please use this site as a networking and educational page.

Sustainability on campus happens via the following avenues:

  • Policies that incorporate sustainability into purchasing, facilities infrastructure,  strategies/mission, and logistical frameworks (e.g. paperless communications)
  • A framework that focuses on systems and operations that integrate sustainability  where feasible
  • Networks that combine the efforts of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and  community members.Through groups such as the Sustainable Learning Committee  and sustainability seminars, we create engagement opportunities to share knowledge,  skills, and foster collaboration
  • Integrate the principles of sustainability into the academic life of the college

How to Get Involved

Your interest in creating sustainability at BCC is extremely important to us. If we can connect you to any of our faculty, staff, students, or administrators, it would be a pleasure to help you get involved. Please note that our practices and policies are constantly evolving to fit our needs and current goals so check back with our webpage for updates.

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