hands holding plantWhat is Horticulture?

Horticulture is the science and art of growing plants. Our Horticulture Program at Bergen focuses on ornamental plants, those valued for their appearance, beauty or fragrance, as opposed to those grown for human consumption as in agriculture or utilitarian value as in textiles or other industries. We invite you to explore our unique program here at Bergen Community College.

Horticulture Program Mission Statements

It is our mission to provide for our students, the industry and the program.

For Students:

  • Training in the art, science & business of the ornamental plant industries.
  • Fostering professionalism and entrepreneurship.
  • Encouraging creative problem-solving.
  • Promoting teamwork and individual effort.
  • Providing opportunities for hands-on learning.
  • Encouraging and responding to student input.
  • Developing abilities to research, evaluate and organize information to present their findings before teachers, peers, employers or clients.

For Industry:

  • Supporting, and drawing support from, northern New Jersey horticultural businesses, associations and academic institutions.
  • Seeking assistance from organizations that can further the technological know-how of faculty and students.
  • Maintaining good relations with companies that offer employment opportunities to students.

For the Program:

  • Ongoing quality management reviews with the Advisory Committee, faculty and staff.
  • Modifying existing courses of study and developing new ones in response to industry needs.
  • Incorporating the new scientific and market developments into course materials as they occur.

Bergen Community College Horticulture Program
Ender Hall Room E-177
Phone (201) 447-7955
E-Mail: [email protected]