How long does it take to complete a certificate program and how long for a degree (A.A.S.) program?

One year for a certificate, two years for a degree, depending on your schedule and course availability.

Are there courses offered at night?
Yes, courses are offered at night.

Can I register for a course without declaring as a major in horticulture?
Yes. Students can register for courses until they have taken 12 credits, then they must matriculate. Courses may also be audited if you prefer.

Are older students able to do well in classes at Bergen?
Yes, older students are often highly motivated to do well. The horticulture program often has students from a wide range of ages and interests- young, old, career-oriented and hobbyists.

What would a lab be like for a horticulture course?
The lab design will depend on the course content, but many horticulture courses have labs that will involve working with live plants in outdoor activities such as surveying, designing, building, planting and site visitations. Some courses will have a lab in the greenhouse or in a classroom set up as a biology lab with microscopes, slides and living or preserved specimens. In addition, some courses will have labs at drafting tables or computers.

I am looking for a business course specifically designed for people in the landscape industry.
We offer a course called Landscape Design/Build Management which focuses on managing a project from start to finish including estimating, the bidding process, and sub-contracting etc.

Is the campus used for landscape projects or do students travel to sites away from the college for projects?
While many projects are done right on campus others may involve traveling to a nearby location. The campus grounds serve as a living laboratory for learning.

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