How can I learn about careers in Information Technology?
Our Program Goals page discusses careers and lists job titles. Keep in mind that the IT field changes rapidly, creating new opportunities all the time.

What types of programs are offered by BCC’s INF discipline?
Both certificate and degree programs are available from INF. Degree programs lead to the Associate in Applied Science degree and, in some cases, will transfer to a four-year college or university. The Beyond BCC page provides information about transfer options open to INF degree students.

Certificate programs are shorter, and are intended for students seeking a concentrated program in a specific IT area.

How long does it take to complete a program of study?
A full-time student can earn an INF Certificate in two semesters (one-year) and an INF degree in four semesters (two years).

Can I transfer my credits to a four-year college or university?
AAS degrees are career degrees. INF has negotiated transfer agreements for three of the four INF degrees. If you wish to transfer to a College that does not have a transfer agreement with INF, it is likely that the receiving college will evaluate your transcript on a course-by-course basis for credit. The Beyond BCC page contains information on transfer options.

Where are classes held?
All classes are held on the Main Campus in Paramus. WebAdvisor indicates the location and time for each course section.

Are evening and weekend courses available?
Yes. INF offers a wide selection of evening classes, as well as weekend classes. WebAdvisor indicates the time and location for each course section.

Can I take INF courses online and/or partially online?
Yes. Some INF courses are offered in these modalities. Online sections are indicated by a WB at the end of the course name in WebAdvisor and in the course bulletin each semester. Courses listed with an HY suffix are partially online, meaning that the coursework is divided between on-campus classroom sessions and online activities.

What kinds of homework and tests are required?
The requirements for each course vary. Courses may require regular reading and laboratory assignments. There are often required exams and projects as well. Visit Syllabi to learn more about the particular courses that interest you.

Are computers available on campus for me to use?
Yes. There is one computer for each student in every laboratory class. Fully-equipped free-time laboratories provide an opportunity for practice outside class. Visit our facilities and free-time laboratories pages for more info.

Is there a charge to use the computers in the free-time labs?
There is no additional charge above the tuition/fees paid to the Registrar to use the free-time labs.

I work during the day. Are the free-time labs open evenings and weekends?
The free-time laboratories are open evenings and Saturdays. Visit the lab page for exact times and locations.

I would like to enroll at Bergen. Where do I begin?
Visit Getting Started at Bergen for enrollment information.

How do I know which courses to take?
The INF Certificates and Degrees pages contain links to specific course sequences for INF programs. The E-Catalog page gives a complete list of degree programs, requirements, and courses, for all College offerings.

How do I get academic advising?
Visit our Academic Advisement page for assistance planning your schedule.

How do I register?

If you are new to Bergen, visit Getting Started at Bergen. If you are already a BCC student, go to WebAdvisor. For more registration information, try our Registration & Records page.