Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an EMT before I can declare my major as Paramedic?



Do I need a certain number of years of experience as an EMT prior to applying to the program?

No, each applicant will be assessed with an EMT skills screening as part of the acceptance process.


Do I need paid EMT experience to be accepted to the program?

No, all applicants will be assessed with an EMT skills screening as part of the acceptance process.


Do I need hospital sponsorship for the program?

No, the Bergen Community College Paramedic Science program will use a consortium of clinical affiliates allowing students to move through many hospitals and health systems to promote the best educational learning environment.


If I have a degree can I just take the paramedic core courses?

No, all attendees of the program will receive an AAS in Paramedic Science.


Will my college credits transfer?

Most college courses completed in the United States at an Accredited Institution will transfer as long as the student achieved a grade of “C” or better.  Students are encouraged to seek individualized academic counseling for specifics about their transcript.


Why do Anatomy and Physiology courses need to be completed in the past 5 years?

Studies show that students, who complete Anatomy and Physiology courses within 5 years of attending a health profession program, have higher success in licensing examinations.


If I have a conferred degree, do I still need to take Anatomy courses again?

Yes, if they were completed more than 5 years ago.


Will paramedic core courses start in fall 2014?



If I don’t have my entire general education courses completed by the application deadline can I still apply?

Yes, each year, the program will accept two cohorts of students. One group will be completing the required general education courses.  The other group will start the paramedic core courses.


Do I need transportation for the program?

Yes, clinical and field rotations will require students to travel to clinical sites at their own expense.  The profession does require a clean driver’s license.


What additional expenses are required for the program?

Students are required to purchase textbooks, uniforms, provide proof of liability insurance, accidental insurance and medical insurance.