Certificate in Radiation Therapy 

The curriculum for this 12 month / 36 credit certificate program is:

First Semester

  • RTT 110 Introduction to Radiotherapy and Patient Care Management  – 2.0
  • RTT 120 Radiation Therapy Practices I – 4.0
  • RTT 130 Radiation Biology and Safety  –  3.0
  • RTT 150 Principles of Diagnostic Radiation Physics  –  3.0
  • RTT 121 Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum I  –  2.0
  • * General Education Elective  – 3.0
  • Total credits  – 17.0

Second Semester

  • RTT 200 Survey of Diseases  – 3.0
  • RTT 210 Dosimetry and Treatment Practices  – 3.0
  • RTT 220 Radiation Therapy Practices II  –  4.0
  • RTT 230 Advanced Procedures  – 2.0
  • RTT 221 Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum II  – 2.0
  • * General Education Elective  – 3.0
  • Total credits  – 17.0

Third Semester

  • RTT 222 Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum III  – 2.0
  • Total credits – 2.0

* Successful completion of English Composition II is required during this semester. If this requirement has been completed, then the student may choose an alternate general education course. Successful completion of COM-100, MAT-150 and MAT-180 are required by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

** Choose COM-100, MAT-150, or MAT-180. Successful completion of these courses is required by the ARRT and the NJDEP.

General Information

  • Validation of professional and academic credentials is a part of the program’s admission process.
  • Criminal background checks are required of all students entering the program.
  • Didactic Courses will be offered during the day (Monday – Saturday) and/or evening (Monday – Friday).
  • Presently, six medical facilities are available for clinical education.
  • Clinical courses will be offered during the day and/or evening (Monday – Friday).
  • Clinical is a competency-based course of education.
  • Program content is designed to prepare the graduate for successful completion of the National Registry Examination in Radiation Therapy administered by the ARRT.

Clinical Rotation

During the clinical practicum component of the program, students will rotate through nursing, CT simulation, treatment delivery procedures, beam modification devices, treatment planning and dosimetry. Clinical competency evaluation will encompass the didactic and laboratory components of the program. Successful clinical competency evaluation will be based on the student’s expected level of expertise and understanding.