Application Process

High School Graduates

  • Biology with a lab with a B grade or higher (this is not to be confused with a standard Biology course).
  • Algebra II (algebra with trigonometry)

*** You MUST take BIO-109 and 209 while you are in the program. Even though HS biology enabled you to be admitted, anatomy and physiology are an integral part of the radiography curriculum.

College Students
Applicants must take BIO-109 Anatomy & Physiology I. It would benefit you to take BIO-209 Anatomy and Physiology II before the entrance. By doing so, it will help you to understand Radiography I-III

  • Complete all liberal arts and sciences courses to lighten your academic load while in the program
  • Applicants must either test out or place /finish all remedial math
  • A minimum college grade point average of 50.

Applying to the Program
Admission to the radiography program sponsored by Bergen Community College is a five (5)-step process. Students are encouraged to read the requirements of each step in the process.

  1. Applying to the Radiography Program

Apply on line as a change of curriculum.
Use this form if you are presently a degree- seeking student in another program at Bergen Community College.

Complete a Direct Application.
Use the DIRECT ADMISSIONS FORM if you are applying to Bergen Community College first time or are a non- degree seeking student. You need to fill out a change of curriculum form when already a BCC student.

2. Take the College Math/ English Placement Test
This is a requirement for all incoming students who wish to apply to any college program.

This may be waived with SAT scores of 530 or above.  A score of 540 or above on the Critical Reading SAT will waive the English portion of the basic skills test. The Placement test is waived if the applicant is already a college student (see the Testing Center).

Those students who place into basic mathematics and algebra are advised that it will take 2 years of completing these requirements before being considered for admissions to the Radiography Program.

3. Completion of All Prerequisite Courses

High school and college prerequisite courses must be complete in order for your academic portfolio to be viewed by the admissions committee of the program

4.  Background Check

Before applying to the radiography program, the applicant must be aware of the Criminal History Background Check (CHBC). Applicants are required to read and follow the Division of Health Professions Policy for Criminal History Background Checks. Applicants MUST have a negative criminal history background check.

5. Radiography Admissions Examination

When all prerequisite courses are successfully met, the applicant may be invited to take the Radiography Admissions Examination if a negative background check has been received. Make sure you apply by the deadline date of February 1 of the current year.