Department Chair: Dr. R. Forsstrom 
Telephone: 201-447-7975
Department Office: B-302
Department Secretary: Sandra Haan
Telephone: 201-447-7975

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mathematics Discipline is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics by:

  • Offering a broad selection of courses that are designed to meet diverse student needs.
  • Providing students with an awareness of the connections of mathematics to other subjects and to strengthen each student’s ability to apply mathematics to these subjects.
  • Promoting critical thinking through course work that emphasizes problem solving and applications.
  • Introducing students to the effective uses of technology in mathematical problem solving.
  • Promoting scholarly activity among all of the mathematics faculty and students majoring in mathematics.
  • Encouraging and supporting faculty collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines to modify and develop mathematics courses that support other programs of study.

The Mathematics Discipline serves a diverse population that includes students:

  • Who are majoring in mathematics in order to pursue a career in education or in the private sector.
  • From other majors who need to acquire mathematical skills in order to be successful in their major.
  • Who, as part of their general education, need to acquire the ability to think critically, reason logically, communicate mathematical information, and do problem solving in a systematic manner in order to become more productive citizens.

The Mathematics Department works in close collaboration with the Testing Center at the Meadlowlands the Henry and Edith Cerullo Learning Assistance Center and The Office of Testing Services to provide additional assistance to students registered in any mathematics course.

A student is allowed to repeat the same course only once.  MAT-130, MAT-150 or MAT-155, please see an Academic Counselor.   If the student fails to complete MAT-160, MAT-180, MAT-280, MAT-281, or higher after two attempts, the student has to appeal directly to the Department Chair, by filling out the Third Attempt Appeal Form. The appeal form may be obtained in the Mathematics Department Office.