Performing Arts

Bergen’s Department of Performing Arts offers a variety of programs covering Music, Theater, and Dance, each suited to students with specific educational goals.

Theatre Programs

Both the AFA and AAS degrees are intended to serve as “transfer” degrees preparing students for transfer to bachelor’s degree progams in Theatre.

Music Programs

  • AFA in Music

    The AFA in Music serves as a “transfer program,” covering coursework that would be expected in the freshman and sophomore years of a bachelor’s program in Music and offering three areas of specialization.  Compared to the AAS options below, the AFA in Music incorporates more core musicianship coursework (such as Music Theory and Ear Training, ensemble participation and one-on-one applied music lessons) and more General Education courses to best prepare students for a smooth transfer into four year programs.

    Students in this degree choose from one of the following areas of concentration after their first semester:

    • Music Performance (classical/jazz) – recommended for Music Education bachelor’s degree candidates
    • Popular Music – covering both the performance and business aspects of popular music
    • Music Production – covering studio and electronic based music production
  • AAS degrees in Music

    These programs are designed for students wishing to enter the field after earning a two year degree.  Compared to the AFA in Music, the AAS programs require less “core musicianship” coursework (such as music theory and ear training, ensemble participation and applied music lessons) and fewer General Education courses allowing more specialization in the areas of Recording Technology and Music Business.  As such, they are not considered “transfer degrees” as they are not structured as the first two years of Bachelor’s degree programs, although many students have successfully transferred into Bachelor’s programs from these degrees.