Music Technology

playing guitarThe music discipline at Bergen offers various courses, degree programs, and certificate programs for students interested in exploring and refining their talents in music technology and production. Courses in digital recording, MIDI production, and electronic music are taught by experienced professionals in 2 state of the art production facilities in West Hall: The Ron Mazurek Music Technology Lab and the West Hall Recording Studio.

Dan at the consoleFacilities

The West Hall Recording Studio provides students with an opportunity to learn the art of studio recording, mixing, mastering and producing in a state of the art facility.

The control room is equipped with a ProTools HDX recording system integrating an SSL AWS-924 analog mixing console, Genelec and Tannoy Monitors, Avalon and Presonus preamps, a Whisper Room isolation booth, and Aviom headphone monitoring systems. . The studio is equipped with a microphone collection including models from Neuman, AKG, Shure, ElectroVoice and Earthworks and mixing and mastering plugins from IK Multimedia, McDSP and Waves. The adjacent West Hall Recital Hall serves as a live room able to accommodate small and large ensembles.

The Ron Mazurek Music Technology Lab features 17 digital music production stations, each equipped with Korg Triton keyboards and music production software including ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Reason, virtual Moog synthesizers, and signal processing plugins from McDSP and IK Multimedia.

playing trumpetPrograms of Study

Various degree and certificate options exist for the study of music technology at Bergen to satisfy varied student needs. Our Associate of Fine Arts program in Music Technologyresults in a transfer degree for students wishing to get a background in music production en route to transferring to a 4-year music program and thus includes more coursework associated with the first two years of a bachelor’s program in music. Our Associate in Applied Science in Recording Technology program is geared towards students looking to enter the workforce with a 2-year degree with the technical aptitude to work in a recording or broadcast studio or in live sound reinforcement. Our Certificate in Music Technology is a one year, full-time program (or can be done part-time over a greater length of time) which results in a New Jersey approved certificate in music production. The Certificate of Achievement in Commercial Music Production is geared towards students who do not need a college degree or full certification but would like to learn about music production in the structure of a part-time one-year program.

For more information on Music Technology & Production at Bergen, please contact Prof. Dan Sheehan via email or at (201) 493-3620.