Associate in Education

Education students who complete these degree requirements can transfer to a four-year college/university to continue the necessary course work to obtain a Bachelors degree and licensure.

Although this option is designed as a transfer program, some students may find paraprofessional employment in public or private schools.

Required Education Courses

EDU-101 Introduction to Education [3.00 cr.]

This introductory course is designed to provide the student with detailed exposure to the realities of teaching and the role of education in our society. Issues of social justice and equity are focal points as they are integrated into discussion about diversity, curriculum and testing, the purpose of schools, student life, law and ethics, and teacher effectiveness. Special features of the course include 20 hours of classroom observation in an off campus. Lecture [3.00]

EDU-102 Inclusion and the Exceptional Child [3.00 cr.]

This course provides an overview of the foundations, objectives, history,programs, curriculum, practices, and legislation pertaining to education for children with special needs. Cognitive and physical disabilities, including pedagogical techniques, are examined. Lecture [3.00].

EDU-140 Educational Technology [3.00 cr.]

This course provides students as well as educators from various fields with best practices of utilizing educational technology to enhance the learning experiences of students from preschool to high school. Lecture [1.00], Laboratory [4.00].

Additional program requirements need to be met to obtain an Associates degree.