Visual Arts

Program Coordinator: Francis Schmidt
Department Secretary: Barbara Bliss
Office Location: W – 225
Phone: (201) 447-7143


Our mission is to provide students with instruction, experience and encouragement in the practice of visual art and the study of the history of art and visual culture. Our courses, taught by professors who are also professionals active in their fields, impart current information and techniques and promote the development of students’ thinking about art, media, and culture.

The Visual Arts Department is located on the main campus in Paramus in West Hall. Facilities include state-of-the-art studios for computer animation, computer graphics, drawing/painting, digital and darkroom photography and digital projection for the teaching of the history of art.


Fashion Apparel Design

The Fashion Apparel Design program is designed for students who desire a comprehensive two-year women’s apparel design curriculum. The program encompasses fashion milestones and current trends, textile science, conceptual design, sewing and garment construction, and collection development. In their final semester, students will participate in a capstone course that includes construction of garments from start to finish and the creation of a design eportfolio.

An Associate degree in Fashion Apparel Design prepares students for a number of fashion design careers. Two Certificate programs are also available.

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