• Children do not need to be toilet trained to attend the CDC. Parents must provide diapers and wipes. (The use of “pull-ups” is prohibited unless the child is adept in their use.)
  • The CDC has a natural foods policy. Parents provide healthy foods which can be packed in a lunch box for their children. Please do not include glass containers. (Meals cannot be heated, refrigerated, or otherwise prepared at the CDC.) Please bring any and all allergies and food prohibitions to our attention.
  • The CDC staff does not administer medication of any kind.
  • Please note that children must be kept home if they are ill.
  • Please be sure to call the Child Development Center (CDC) if you or your child will be late or absent at 201- 447-7165.
  • Parents must provide the CDC staff with the phone number(s) of authorized persons that can be contacted immediately in the event of illness or an emergency school closing.
  • All children are to be brought to the door of their classroom. ONLY authorized persons will be allowed to pick up children. Parents will indicate authorized persons.
  • Parents are responsible for making tuition payments on Mondays prior to the week of service. Payments can be made online, at the Bursar’s office or at the CDC if paying by check only.
  • The children are divided into two age groups at the CDC. Each age group has their own developmentally appropriate classroom. The children in each class stay together as a group during the school year
  • Outdoor activities are an important focus of our curriculum. Children must be dressed for outdoor play in all seasons. Sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are very important for playground safety.
  • Gardening, creative art, and sensory experiences are integral to our curriculum. Please send your child to school in ‘play clothes’ only. We like to get messy!
  • Birthdays are celebrated simply at the CDC. Parents may send in a treat for children to share at snack time.
  • Although we do not explore the religious aspects of holidays, we do celebrate through dramatic play, music, crafts, games, and food experiences.