Greg Brophy, Everything Collapsed, 2012; 25” H x 31.5“ W; Digital Inkjet print from 8″ x 10″ negative

Sandy: Artists Respond to a Once and Future Superstorm
October 1 – December 4, 2013

Curated by Professors Suzaan Boettger & Marriott Sheldon


  • Caitlin Albright
  • Scott Andresen
  • Athena Azevedo, Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster and TJ Volonis (Far Rockaway Development Fund Team 1)
  • Greg Brophy
  • Shari Epstein
  • Adam Farcus
  • Kathryn Frund
  • Judith Mazzucco
  • Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris (The Canary Project)
  • Rhoda Sidney

Sandy transformed our relation to the world. One year ago this largest Atlantic hurricane on record merged with a frontal system, slamming into the Eastern seaboard and debilitating communities with such force and breadth that it was popularly and governmentally nicknamed a “superstorm.” Beyond material devastation and personal losses, the impact in the shift of consciousness in this highly developed region was even more consequential. We joined the expanding global community of sufferers from weather’s intensifying volatility – drought in India, Russia, Syria and Texas; extreme tornados in Oklahoma; wildfires in California and New Mexico; heatwaves in Europe; flooding in China, Colorado, Louisiana, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Russia – and recognized our vulnerability to the indirect but undeniable systemic consequences of global warming’s heightened physical energies.

As acute dwellers in the world, the artists in this exhibition engaged with the storm and the issues surrounding it ranging from material chaos to ecological degradation. The modest scale of some works evoke intimate revelation, while the boldness of others conveys the storm’s engulfing power. Addressing the forces of nature manifested in a once and likely future catastrophe, these artists – and we – apply the forces of culture toward developing social and ecological resiliency.

Image: Mark Street and Mark Wilson

Proto-Cinematic Investigations
Mar 13 – May 13, 2013

Curated by Gregg Biermann

    Participating artists:

  • Stephanie Barber
  • Robert Flowers
  • Ariana Gerstein
  • Sandra Gibson
  • Monteith McCollum
  • Bruce McClure
  • Luis Recoder
  • Mark Street
  • Mark Wilson

Visting curators from Pratt Institute of Art, Aileen Wilson and Tara Kopp
February 5th – February 28th

    Participating artists:

  • Kim Beck
  • Michael Royce
  • Dana Lok
  • Adam Brent / BroLab
  • Colin Mcfadyen
  • Nina Katchadourian
  • Leah Beeferman
  • Sheila Pepe
  • Rosemarie Padovano

Faculty Art Exhibition
Sept 25- Oct 25, 2012

Gallery Bergen will open its 2012-13 season on Tuesday, September 25 with an exhibition featuring work created by 15 members of the College’s visual arts department faculty.

    The participating faculty members are:

  • Frank Aiello
  • Andrea Geller
  • Claire McConaughy
  • Gregg Biermann
  • Ethan Greenbaum
  • Despina Metataxatos
  • John Cichowski
  • Alyce Gottesman
  • Paul Mindell
  • Bart D’Andrea
  • Carl Jablonski
  • Vesselina Traptcheva
  • Robert Di Matteo
  • Saydi Kaufman
  • Michael Vanderleeuw

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