Defibrillator Locations

AED/defibrillators are located in the following areas. Please note that the AED’s are in cases on the wall. An alarm will go off if the door is opened.

  • Public Safety Office
  • Public Safety patrol cars (2)
  • Main building – Student Center
  • Main building – basement fitness center
  • Main building – near gym, across from pool
  • Main building – cafeteria, behind coffee urn
  • Main building – dental hygiene office
  • Main building – athletic trainer
  • Tec building – in front of Continuing Education Dept.
  • West Hall – second floor
  • Lyndhurst campus – first floor near Public Safety and third floor near computer lab 
  • Hackensack campus – first and second floors
  • Ender Hall – near CDC, and administrative office
  • Pitkin – second near B wing steps, and third floor Administrative wing