International Student Center

International Student Profiles

Papa Ibrahima Faty

Originally from Senegal, I came to the United States because I wanted to fulfill my dreams of becoming an engineer. I was initially impressed with Bergen Community College’s small class sizes that provides for greater interaction between professors and students. I have also met students from a variety of backgrounds and learned about different cultures. My goals are to be an engineer and to contribute in the education of my country. I would like to help the young who will be the future of Senegal. Additionally, I am a member of a variety of College clubs and organizations, including the International Student Association.

Regine Beauchard

Bonjour! I’m Regine Beauchard a transfer student from Liberal, Kansas and originally from Haiti. I’m currently majoring in Biology and I hope to enroll in the Nursing program. It was always my parent’s dreams for their kids to be part of the American Dream. They wanted a better future for us as other parents do. That dream later on becomes our dream also due to the many choices and opportunity offered when studying abroad.

My parents are still in Haiti with the chaotic situation that every other Haitian is enduring since the earthquake. The devastating earth quake that happened did lots of damages and I found it very generous and humane for the Americans and the International allies to help out my country through several organizations; but it really saddens me to see nothing much has been done to this present time. However, I’m very thankful for the lives of my parents and the generosity of others. “It’s a blessing.” Hopefully, my Journey at BCC will be very successful.

Stefani Gjorgieveska

My name is Stefani Gjorgievska. I grew up in Macedonia and spent my junior year of high school as an exchange student in Virginia. For those ten months that I spent in the States I gained enormous experience and improved myself in many ways. As a result of that I decided to continue my higher education here in the States.

I didn’t have the option of visiting schools, so I had to base my college decision on what I learned from a website. What set BCC apart from all the other colleges that I contacted was how friendly the people were – I could just sense it in the e-mails I received. The international admissions staff was really nice about handling all my questions, and I figured that if the school’s staff gave off this kind of vibe, then the school must be a friendly, nice place, and I was right.

This year I started my second semester here at BCC and the majority of the students that I met here are international students. Inspired from all this diversity here at BCC, this semester I became the President of International Student Association (ISA). Our main focus in ISA is to help international students with cultural differences, and show them how to take advantage of the rich intellectual development that is possible here; explore the broad curriculum and the many extracurricular activities that are available. Be involved in the College’s community life.  We know that the first months of your stay in the States isn’t always easy, but making new friends will make things easier. Join ISA and enjoy your time here in the States.