V.P. of Student Affairs

The Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs oversees the development and application of policies and procedures that impact the student body in the areas of Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Student Support Services, and Student Life and Student Conduct.
The VP of Student Affairs works in collaboration with the student organizations, faculty, staff, and community groups to achieve mutually agreeable goals that benefit all students, chairs the Academic Standing Committee, facilitates the development and implementation of the college’s Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, promotes institution-wide retention and completion initiatives, and collaborates with departments throughout the institution to ensure all students have access to a high quality and affordable education and services.

Mission of Office of Student Affairs

Educate and empower students to become responsible life-long learners within a global society.

Values of Office of Student Affairs

  1. Student success throughout continued collaboration and assessment.
  2. Diversity and mutual respect for all members of the community.
  3. Holistic approach to student development—intellectual, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.
  4. Empowerment through advocacy and guidance.
  5. Fiscal integrity to ensure student access to services.

Division of Student Affairs and Other Resources



Contact Information

Athletics Office

Coordination of all team and sports activities.

(201) 447-7182

Center for Student Success

Career and transfer counseling, and academic advising.

(201) 447-7211

Center for Health, Wellness, and Personal Counseling

First-aid emergency medical response, healthcare maintenance, record keeping of NJ state mandated immunization requirements, confidential personal counseling, mind and body workshops.

(201) 447-9257

[email protected]

Educational Opportunity Fund

Program that provides financial aid, counseling, and academic support services.

(201) 447-7139

[email protected]

Enrollment Services

Admissions, student records, in-person and online registration.


E-mail: [email protected]

Financial Aid Office

Administration of federal and state financial assistance programs. Scholarship programs.

(201) 447-7148

[email protected]

Bursar’s Office

Accounts Receivable of the College. Billing and Collection of tuition and fees. Student finance account information.

(201) 447-7105

[email protected]

Food Pantry

Confidential distribution of food for students and staff undergoing emergency and/or difficult situations.

201) 447-9257

[email protected]

International Student Center

Students with visas receive academic advising, assistance with admissions and communication between consulates, embassies, and transfer colleges/universities is liaised by the Center.

001 201 689 7601

[email protected]

Office of Student Conduct and Student Information

Adjudicates behavioral and academic matters for all college campuses based on the Student Code of Conduct.

 (201) 447-7464

[email protected]

Office of Specialized Services

Access and accommodation services for students with disabilities.

(201) 612-5270

[email protected]

Office of Student Life

Student clubs, organizations, Student Government Association, Student Senate, Diversity and Leadership Weekends, student newspaper.

(201) 447-7215

[email protected]

Veteran and Military Affairs Center

Academic and personal resources for veterans and their beneficiaries.

(201) 612-5270

[email protected]

Office of Testing Services

Administration of both computer-based and paper and pencil examinations. Administration of placement, proficiency, make-up, and online examinations.

(201) 447-7203

[email protected]