Public Safety Online Orientation

Public Safety

The mission of the Public Safety Department is to provide and maintain a safe and secure atmosphere for all members of the College community. The function of the department is varied and includes, but is not limited to: unbiased and fair enforcement of the College’s rules and regulations, responding to calls for non-enforcement services and active patrol of the Campus both inside our buildings and outside in our parking areas.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Identification cards for students, faculty and staff
  • Safety and security for all locations
  • Issue parking decals for all vehicles
  • Assisting with jump starts for vehicles with dead batteries
  • Assisting with gaining entry into vehicles with keys locked in them
  • Providing additional Campus Safety planning through scheduled events
  • Monitor parking and assist with traffic
  • Respond to emergency calls
  • Issue lockers to students

We request that all members of the College community sign on to the Emergency Notification System located on the main Web page. This will be the most effective way to communicate on weather related school closings or emergencies occurring on the Campus. Notifications are made via texts, voicemail, email, facebook, and twitter. Please arrive early the first few weeks of the beginning of the semesters to allow for traffic delays. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all of our buildings, not only for classroom locations but also for quick egress out in case of emergencies.

Please do not leave personal items unattended in the buildings. Please lock your vehicle doors and keep items out of view to prevent thefts. We do have CCTV with cameras throughout the Campus. The Bergen County Police sub-station is located in the student center of the Pitkin Educational building. There is also one on the first floor of the Meadowlands location. These substations are staffed during school hours. The County Police handle the law enforcement services of the college. Public Safety and the Bergen County Police work together to ensure safety and security for all. Blue box emergency call boxes are located throughout the college. Please use them for emergencies only. Please be patient and cautious when operating your vehicles through our parking lots, on the Campus roads, and by our pedestrian crosswalks.

As always, if you see something out of the ordinary, please say something by reporting it to Public Safety. We are here for your protection and safety. Please feel free to stop by our office of speak to our officers in reference to any of your concerns.

Our Public Safety Office is located in L-154 and our direct phone number is: (201) 447-9200. Within our buildings, you can press the number 6.  Our confidential Tip line is (201) 689-7070.