Tutoring The Henry and Edith Cerullo Learning Center

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The Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (CLAC) is committed to providing quality academic support accessible to all Bergen Community College (BCC) students. The CLAC comprises the Tutoring Center, Math Walk-In Center, Writing Center, English Language Resource Center, and the Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands Campus; all centers offer various avenues of tutorial assistance to address the diverse needs of our student population. A dedicated and trained staff of Peer and Professional Tutors work together in a nurturing environment to foster independent learning while guiding students through their educational journey at BCC.


  • The Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (CLAC)
  • Tutoring Center
  • Math Walk-In Center
  • Writing Center
  • English Language Resource Center
  • Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands Campus

The CLAC Offers:

  • One-on-One Appointments
  • Drop-In Assistance
  • Math and Science Walk-In
  • Writing Walk-In
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • In-Class Tutoring
  • In-Lab Tutoring
  • Permanent Appointments
  • Study Groups
  • Online Tutoring: TutorMe
  • Workshops
  • Intercultural Conversation Partners

Math & Science Walk-In Center (MSWIN), Room: L-131

In the MSWIN, students can receive quick assistance with:

  • Assignments on MyMathLab, homework, or studying for an exam
  • Obtaining practice worksheets or cumulative reviews for finals and proficiency tests
  • Reinforcing learned concepts and applying them to solve problems
  • Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer Science upon tutor availability

Writing Center (WWIN), Room: L-125

In the WWIN, students can receive quick assistance with:

  • Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum
  • English Basic Skills, Composition, and all Literature courses
  • Developing writing, revision techniques, and time management skills
  • Becoming familiar with citation guides such as MLA, APA, and Chicago

English Language  Resource Center (ELRC), Room C-212

In the ELRC, students who are not native speakers can improve their English through:

  • Individual tutoring
  • Multimedia computer programs
  • A borrowing library of audio CD’s and books
  • Conversation groups
  • Workshops

Tutoring Center at The Meadowlands, LYN-202

  • One-on-One Appointments
  • Mathematics & Science Walk-In
  • Writing & Humanities Walk-In
  • Study Groups

Please contact our office at (201) 447-7489 for any further assistance.