Tuition Appeal

Only the Tuition Appeal Committee can determine if a student is eligible for a refund falling outside of the published refund schedule on the academic calendar.

PRIOR TO the withdrawal deadline

Students who cannot withdraw via web can:

  1. Fill out a “Tuition Appeal Form (Online Dynamic Form)” at the registration service window
  2. Withdraw with their counselor:
    • The student fills out the withdraw​​​al form with their counselor
    • The counselor sends form to Registration for processing
    • If the student wishes to appeal for an additional refund due to extenuating circumstance, the student MUST file an appeal with the Tuition Appeal Committee
    • The counselor may submit in writing a statement of support to the committee for consideration

AFTER the published withdrawal deadline

Students wishing to withdraw after the published deadline due to extenuating circumstances must file an appeal with the Tuition Appeal Committee along with supporting documentation; this includes the counselor’s statement of support, if applicable.

The Tuition Appeal Committee will only review cases for the current semester (deadline is one week prior to the end of the semester) or past semesters, within one year, in which the student has obtained a “W” grade.

The Committee will only review courses with a grade of “W” and will determine if any tuition is eligible for refund. Any student granted an appeal will be issued a “W” grade.

The official withdrawal deadlines are included in the Registration Calendar.