Register Online

Webadvisor is a program which lets students register on-line.All continuing students are invited to register on a priority basis. Students receive notification on where to get their priority registration dates via e-mail. Priority registration dates are based on the number of credits completed.

All students who are eligible for WebAdvisor are encouraged to use WebAdvisor to register for classes.

All students may use the WebAdvisor search feature. This feature allows students to search for open sections. To use the search feature, click on “Prospective Students,” and then “Search for Sections.” You do not need a username and/or password to use this function.

WebAdvisor allows you to see your grades and your program evaluation as well as financial aid information, billing information and other student academic inquiries. Your program evaluation allows you to see what courses you have left in order to fulfill your degree requirements. You can then use the search feature to create your schedule and then register. Once you have registered you can obtain your billing information.

Students can obtain their current schedules using WebAdvisor as well.

  • To obtain your WebAdvisor user ID and password, click here.
  • Then click on “I’m new to WebAdvisor” at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to get your user ID and password.

To obtain your Priority Registration Date:

Please visit Once you have logged in, click on Program Evaluation, located under the Academic Planning section. Select your program by placing a check mark in the box. Then click on “Submit.”

Your Priority Registration Date will be listed just below your email address on the Program Evaluation Screen.

All holds and violations MUST be cleared prior to registering.

Billing information is accessible online.

New Jersey College Basic Placement Test requirements must be satisfied.

If you cannot register online and you cannot get here to register in-person, you can ask a friend or family member to register for you.