CISCO WebEx® CirQlive

What is Cisco WebEx CirQlive?

CISCO WebEx CirQLive allows instructor to capture the entire classroom experience – including what the professor said, students asked and all visuals projected during the lecture. Students can review the course lecture anytime on a personal computer with an internet connection and web browser.

Why use Cisco WebEx CirQlive?

Cisco WebEx CirQlive lectures are available to students after the class has ended.

  • Students can catch up by viewing a missed class presentation.
  • ESL students can review classroom presentations at their own pace and as often as necessary.
  • Students can revisit difficult concepts presented in class.
  • Students in Speech courses can improve their public speaking skills by watching their own presentation.

To get more ideas on what designing classroom activities read the article 10 Faculty Perspectives on What Works in Lecture Capture.

What are some of the legal issues while recording classroom lectures?

You need to get a signed release form from any student(s) or guest(s) who present in the classroom.

  • Use material you have copyright or explicit permission to use in class.
  • Inform students that they are being recorded in class.

Where can a pilot project participant find training material?

The step-by-step CirQLive Training Manual describes how to get started with using the CirQlive solution from CISCO. Please review the Automated Classroom Capture Policy and Information Form as you plan to start recording your classroom presentations. To get familiar with the computer interface for viewing a classroom lecture download the instructions for students.

Are you interested in the Cisco WebEx CirQlive Pilot?

Cisco WebEx CirQlive is installed in a select few classrooms for use by trained faculty. Please send an email to [email protected] describing your interest to use this classroom capture technology.