Voki Talking Avatar

What is Voki?

Voki provides a unique way to get your students to hear your message.  Use Voki to motivate, instruct, or animate your class. It provides a creative means of giving your students a voice in class assignments.

How do I get started with Voki?

To get started using Voki, create a free account at .  Create a unique presence by choosing your character, hair, clothing and background setting.  Add your own voice or type your text and have a computer voice speak for you.  Choose from 30 languages since Voki is multi-lingual. Voki can be embedded in your Moodle course or faculty webpage.

Where can I find examples of VOKI?

  • Voki is used on the Student Affairs online orientation website. Our Health & Wellness online orientation is an example. Each counselor’s Avatar provides an introduction to services provided.  Instead of just reading text the student can listen to the avatar’s verbal description.
  • Math Playground is an external site that uses Voki to help solve word problems. The student listens to 2 avatars explain how to solve the problem and must decide which avatar is correct.
  • VOKI can be used for language learning. See the example of a French speaking avatar above.  French text  is entered and a French voice is selected for the proper pronunciation.
  • View  a short compilation of examples on our YouTube site.

Where can I get help with using VOKI?

If you would like to set up a training session or have questions about using VOKI, please contact Beverly Margolies at [email protected].