Web-Enhanced Courses

Moodle has many potential uses for a traditional face-to-face class. Moodle is a web-based Learning Management System(LMS) used to enhance courses with online content and to facilitate communication. Instructors can use Moodle to ask/answer questions, collect assignments, assign online quizzes and distribute grades.

To get started using Moodle, one could begin by using it as a document retrieval system, allowing students 24/7 access to their syllabus and handouts while freeing the professor from constantly photocopying materials or carrying weeks of handouts to classes. Beyond the basics, web-enhancing a course using Moodle could include promoting a learning community through the use of the forum tool, built-in Moodle e-mail and the chat feature. Many professors also use Moodle to distribute and collect assignments electronically, post student grades, provide self-tests for practice, or quiz and survey their students online.

Faculty interested in using Moodle should fill out a course shell request form . You may request access to the self-paced online training program “The Web Enhanced program (TWEP)” from the course shell request form. Once the course is initialized, you will get an e-mail with details about how to log-in. To report any problem with using Moodle, please contact any one of us at CITL or send an email to [email protected]. If this is after business hours and is technical in nature, please feel free to call the24/7 toll-free Moodle Help Desk telephone number: 1-877-612-5381.While this is primarily for student help, after normal hours they will do their best to assist you with an issue. You may also find answers to questions on the site a discussion board supported by the user community or Visual tutorials put together by the Moodle support group.

Prof. Anita Verno and Dr. Amarjit Kaur are available to assist faculty who want to enhance their courses using the learning management system Moodle. Please contact Anita Verno or Amarjit Kaur, to make an appointment or to receive assistance.