MS Office 2016

Excel Online Video-Help from Microsoft (PDF)
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  1. Getting Started
  2. Designing Workbooks
  3. Add Text and Data
  4. Use Formulas and Functions
  5. Tables Charts and Analyses
  6. PivotTables Collaboration and Mac

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Windows 10

Basic Moodle

  • Course Request Form (URL)
  • Make your Course available to Students (PDF) (Video)
  • Add Syllabus and Handouts (URL)
  • Send Bulk E-mail
    • Use Quickmail block (URL) (Video)
    • Announcements (URL)
    • Self-Service Portal
  • Engage in Discussions
    • Create Discussion forums (URL)
    • Grade Discussions (URL)
  • Hold Live Sessions
    • Text Chat (URL)
    • WebEx meeting (URL)
  • Course Assignments
    • Create and Edit Assignments (URL)
    • Grade Assignments (URL)
  • Test Online
    • Create multiple choice Quiz (URL)
    • Add questions to a Quiz (URL)
    • Grade short answer Quiz questions (URL)
    • Assignment Overrides (Video)
  • Import Course Content to New Shell (PDF)
  • Moodle Backup and Restore (PDF)

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