Student Projects

Block House

An off the grid block house for the purpose of storing, developing and testing STEM projects, such as material efficiency and heat transfer. Also experiments involving solar panels and wind turbine data collection.

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High Altitude Balloon

The High Altitude Balloon team builds electronic sensor payloads as well as other types of experiments and launches them 100,000 feet into the air (Well above where commercial airlines fly) using Weather balloons.

They keep a blog of their activities with information on when they plan to launch a balloon next.

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Solar Concentrator

The purpose of this project is to power an electric generator using solar energy. So far students have recorded temperatures as high as 460 °F, which is more than enough heat to cook a chicken.

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UAV Project

UV-4 V/STOL UAV is an uncrewed aerial vehicle designed to transport cargo via autonomous or remote pilot operations. Students of Bergen Community College participated in several factors leading to this new aircraft design.

Advanced aircraft simulation created hours of logbook support consisting of natural scenarios and ensuring optimal operations in adverse conditions.

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