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Bergen Community College provides eligible employees and their eligible dependents several health care options shown below.  Coverage begins after 2 full months of employment.

Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPO):
A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan allows you to visit any health care professional, in or out of the network. Most in-network services require a co-payment for primary care and specialist appointments. Out-of-network services require a deductible, which must be satisfied before the plan’s coinsurance kicks in. The amount you pay out‐of‐pocket depends on where you receive care. There are no referrals with these PPO plans. Preventative services are covered at 100% when visiting a physician within the network.  The PPO plans are listed below:

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
    • NJDirect Zero
    • NJDirect10
    • NJDirect15
    • NJDirect1525
    • NJDirect2030
    • NJDirect2030

Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO):
A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) provides in-network benefits only with a copay for most services. Preventative care is covered 100% with no copay. Your Primary Care Physicians (PCP) is your first point of contact for any of your health needs and you need a referral to a specialist whenever you need one.  The HMO plans are listed below:

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
    • Horizon HMO
    • Horizon HMO1525
    • Horizion HMO2030
    • Horizon HMO2035

Please Note:  The copayment for the PPO and HMO medical plans is the number listed after the plan name.  For example, NJDirect10, there is a $10 copay for both the Primary Care Physician and Specialist and for NJDirect1525, there is a $15 copay for Primary Care Physician and $25 copay for a Specialist.

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP):
A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) provides benefits once you reach your deductible. Preventive care and certain screenings are paid by the plan without the deductible. Once the deductible is met, you pay only coinsurance until you reach an out-of-pocket maximum at which point services are covered in full by the plan. Participation provides HSA to put aside pre-tax money to use for qualified expenses. The HDHP plans are listed below:

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
    • Horizon NJ Direct HD1500

Medical Plan Contact Information:

Eligible Dependent Children Duration of Medical Coverage:
An eligible dependent child will be eligible to remain under the medical coverage until the end of the calendar year (12/31) in which he/she turns 26 years old.

Medical Benefits Forms:

 Prescription Drug Coverage:

Managed by OptumRx, prescription coverage is included as part of any of the medical plans selected.

Prescription Plan Contacts:

Member Services Phone: 1-844-368-8740
Medicare Retirees: 1-844-368-8765

State of NJ Department of Pensions & Benefits Contact Information:

Accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone, the website provides all the information you need to make informed decisions as well as contact information.  Plan information and Summaries of Medical Benefits and Coverage can be found at:

  • Click on “Active Employees”
  • BCC employees are part of the Local Education Employees group with the State (SEHBP)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 295
Trenton, NJ 08625-0295

Call Center:
(609) 292-7524
Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (except State holidays)
Hours extended to 6:45 p.m. on Thursdays through December 31

If you require the services of a relay operator, please dial 711 and provide the operator with the following phone number: (609) 292-6683. You will then be connected to a Client Services phone representative for assistance.

Send your Questions by email


Coverage is through Delta Dental of New Jersey and is available for Employee plus one eligible dependent.  *Coverage for more than one eligible dependent is available for purchase at additional cost. Coverage begins on the first of the month after 2 full months of employment.

There are two plans to choose from:

  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier
    • Higher level of benefit by utilizing premier dentists
    • *Family Coverage for PPO/Premier plan – $35.15 per paycheck
  • Flagship (DeltaCare Flagship (HMO) available only in NJ)
    • Select a primary dentist in the network and must be referred to specialists within the network
    • Plan includes orthodontic coverage with the exception of Invisalign
    • *Family Coverage for Flagship DMO plan – $17.33 per paycheck

Eligible Dependent Children Duration of Dental Coverage:
An eligible dependent child will be eligible to remain under the dental coverage until the end of the month in which he/she turns 26 years old.

Dental Benefits Forms:

Plan information can be found at:

Dental Plan Contact Information:
Delta Dental of New Jersey
P.O. Box 222
Parsippany, NJ  07054
Main Number: 800-452-9310
Fax: 973-285-4139


Coverage is through United Healthcare Vision Plan.  Coverage for employee and family is provided by the College at no cost.   Coverage begins on the first of the month after 2 full months of employment.

Eligible Dependent Children Duration of Vision Coverage:
An eligible dependent child will be eligible to remain under the vision coverage until the end of the month in which he/she turns 26 years old.

Vision Benefits Contact Information:


 Vision Benefits Forms:

 Plan information can be found at:


Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
The College offers the Flexible Spending Account plan options for all full-time, benefit-eligible employees through Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield FSA.  This is a separate benefit plan from the medical insurance through Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Flexible Spending Accounts run on a calendar year basis and are a convenient, pre-tax way to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses (including medical, dental and vision expenses) as well as dependent care expenses.  Money from each paycheck is deposited into your account(s) before federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes are withheld. You are then reimbursed for eligible expenses using before-tax dollars from your account(s). The yearly contribution limit is $2,650 for the medical FSA and $5,000 for dependent care.  For more information, please visit Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and FSA Calculator for an online version of the worksheet. Participation in the plans is voluntary.

Magellan Employee Assistance Program (employees and eligible dependents)
Magellan is contracted by Bergen Community College to provide professional consultation to Bergen Community College employees and their eligible dependents in the areas of stress management, family issues, child/elder care, dependency and other matters.

Short-term Disability Insurance
The college does not participate in the State Short-term Disability.  Voluntary disability plans with payroll deductions available are offered:


Bergen Community College employees follow the pension plans from the NJ Division of Pension and Benefits.

ABP Program Providers:

333 Thornhall Street, 8th Floor
Edison, NJ 08835

David Lynch
Cell: 732-585-2451
Email: [email protected]

Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC
379 Thornall Street, 14th Floor
Edison, NJ 08837

Greg Giardino
Yolanda Gonzalez
Office: 848-248-4875

30 Two Bridges Road, Suite 320
Fairfield, NJ 07004

David M. Sharpe
Office: 973-575-3254
Email: [email protected]

Prudential Investment Management, Svcs LLC
Three Gateway Center, 14th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

Lily Lau
Cell: 732-236-6782
Email: [email protected]

3 University Plaza, Suite 614
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Zhee Moon
Office: 201-498-8321
Email: [email protected]

849 Lincoln Avenue, 2nd Floor
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Michael Grofsick
Office: 201-857-4888
Cell: 973-445-8008
Email: mic[email protected]

581 Main Street, Sutie 620
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Frank Booth
Office: 732-326-5628
Cell: 860-573-5673
Email: [email protected]

Steven Lasky
Office: 914-347-5830 x 104
Email: [email protected]

Retirement Benefits Forms


Qualifying Events During the Year

  • To change your coverage during the year it must be due to a qualifying event and you must contact Human Resources within 60 days of the qualifying event (marriage, enters into a civil union or domestic partnership, birth, adoption and changes in family status involving the loss of job; divorce; dissolution of a same-sex domestic partnership; or changes in dependent status.)
  • Otherwise, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment.

The Medicare Web site contains useful information on benefit eligibility, prescription plans and entitlement information.

Social Security
The Web site contains information on retirement, disability and survivors benefits to workers and their families, in addition to the administration of the social security income program.

Terms You Need to Know:

The sharing of certain covered expenses by the plan and the plan participant. For example, if the plan covers an expense at 80 percent (the plan’s coinsurance), your coinsurance is 20 percent of the provider’s charge.

Coinsurance Limit
The coinsurance limit is the maximum that you must pay out-of-pocket for your coinsurance share each calendar year.

Copayment (copay)
The specified dollar amount or percentage required to be paid directly to an in-network provider.

The amount of covered expenses that a member must pay each plan year before the plan begins to pay benefits.

A member’s spouse, civil union partner, same-sex domestic partner (as defined by P.L. 2003, c.246), or child(ren) under the age of 26. Children include natural, adopted, foster, and stepchildren. If a covered child is not capable of self-support when he or she reaches age 26 due to mental illness or a physical disability, coverage may be continued subject to approval.

In-Network Provider or Participating Provider
Any physician, hospital, skilled nursing facility, or other individual or entity involved in the delivery of health care or ancillary services that contracts to provide covered services to plan participants for a negotiated charge.

Out-of-Network Provider
This term generally is used to mean providers who have not contracted with a health plan to provide services at negotiated fees; or, with an HMO, an in-network provider who is furnishing services or supplies without a referral from the patient’s PCP.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum
The out-of-pocket maximum is the maximum amount you must pay toward covered medical expenses in a calendar year. Once you reach this maximum, the plan pays 100 percent of your remaining covered expenses for the rest of the year.

Urgent Care
Services received for an unexpected illness or injury that is not life threatening but requires immediate outpatient medical care that cannot be postponed. An urgent medical condition requires prompt medical attention to avoid complications and unnecessary suffering or severe pain, such as a high fever.