Office of Curriculum

The Office of Curriculum is located in room A234, Pitkin (main) building.  The office serves as the point of origin for curriculum matters (course and program development, curriculum requirements, syllabi preparation and student learning outcomes, research for new programs, curriculum related trainings) and classroom scheduling.

To discuss curriculum issues and any academic program scheduling concerns, please contact Dr. Ilene Kleinman, Associate Dean of Curriculum, by email at [email protected] or call 201.447.7160.

Faculty and Curriculum Committee members can access Curriculum items in the
Google SHARED drive. 
Approved curriculum changes need to entered into the curriculum tracking form or course change form.

To request a classroom for a course please email Kimberly Makoe-Brown, Senior Scheduling and Facilities Planner, at [email protected] or call 201.447.9234.

To request a permanent room reassignment please print the following form, fill it out completely, and email it to [email protected].

Recommended Reading for Faculty:

Curriculum Committee Proposa
l Submission Schedule

Curriculum Committee Meetings Proposal Deadlines
September 17 September 6
October 22 October 3
November 12 October 24
December 10 November 21
February 11 January 30
March 17 March 5
April 14 April 2
May 5 April 23

Please note:
If you need college space for an event, please contact Tracy Miceli, Manager Events Planning, at [email protected] or call 201.689.7629.