Best Practices

“Good” Policies:

  • Written in clear, concise, simple language using the 3rd
  • Address what the “rule” (policy) is, not how to implement it.
  • Policies should be factual.

“Good” Procedures:

  • Align with policy.
  • Developed with the user in mind. Make procedures understandable and easy to follow.

Style Tips:

  • Policies should be drafted in MS Word, using Calibri 12 point font.
  • Words should be selected carefully. Words such as should or may imply choice.  All includes everyone.
  • Do not use information that may become outdated such as employee names.
  • When using acronyms, spell out the words the first time and indicate the acronym in parenthesis.
  • If “borrowing” language from other schools, remember to adapt it to the language we use at Bergen.