How to Create a Policy

When it is determined that a policy is needed and does not already exist.

Before Creating a New Policy:

  1. Check the policies in Policy Central to be certain a policy does not already exist.
  2. Policy Justification:
    1. Why is this policy necessary?
    2. What are external trends as it relates to this policy?
  1. Policy Considerations:
    1. Whom does this policy affect?
    2. When will it become effective?
  1. Procedures:
    1. Are there clear processes to carry out the policy?
    2. Are the steps easy to follow?
    3. Are offices and/or positions responsible for the policy identified?

Creating a New Policy:

  1. All proposed new policies need to be approved by the Executive Team member responsible for that division.


  • Draft the policy.*
  • Get input from Executive Team member(s), deans, department heads and colleagues.
  • Make revisions, if necessary, to the draft.
  • Send revised draft to the Executive Team member.
  • Executive Team member will submit the policy to the PAC electronically.

For Executive Team Member:

Policy Submission:

  1. When you are ready to create the policy, send an email to the Policy Advisory Council. The Council Chair will send you the Policy and Procedure Review Form to complete.
  2. After the new policy is submitted, you will receive an email submission receipt.

PAC Review:

  1. The PAC chair will share the policy with the Council members and will notify you:
    1. If additional information or changes are needed; or
    2. If the policy will be forwarded to the Executive Vice President and President for review.

Presidential Review:

  1. After the Executive Vice President and President review the policy, they may:
    1. Send it to the Board of Trustees for approval; or
    2. Send it back to the PAC chair for:
  2. Additional changes, or;
    1. PAC chair will share this with the PAC and the Executive Team member.
  3. To stop the policy from going forward.
  4. The PAC chair will notify the PAC and the Executive Team of the Executive Vice President and President’s decision.

Board of Trustees:

  1. If the Board of Trustees approves the new policy, see Follow-Up.
  2. If the Board of Trustees rejects the policy:
    1. The policy can be sent back to the Executive Vice President and President for revision (see Presidential Review) or
    2. No policy will be created.


  1. Once a new policy is approved by the Board of Trustees, the PAC chair will:
    1. Upload it to Policy Central.
    2. Notify the PAC and Executive Team member.
    3. Archive the policy.