Policy Taxonomy

BoT = (Board of Trustees) Policies that specifically apply to the Board of Trustees.

HR = (Human Resources) Policies related to employees (faculty, staff, administrators) including Drug Free Workplace, Smoking Policy, and Nondiscriminatory Policies.

FIN = (Financial) Policies that involve tuition, fees and other expenditures.

ACAD = (Academic) Policies related to educational issues including admissions, grants, standards for granting degrees and certificates, final exams, etc.

IT = (Information Technology) Policies related to information technology including use of data and archiving.

STU = (Students) Policies that affect students including student clubs and organizations, intramurals and guest speakers.

FND = (Foundation) Policies related to the Foundation.

GADM = (General Administrative) Policies that do not readily belong to one of the above policy sections.